Policies, Procedures & Manuals Development

Developing processes, procedures and standards is particularly important if you are in the early stages of establishing a business, or when you are trying to rebuild or grow a business that has been underperforming.

Business policies, procedures and standards are vital for training staff and induction programs. Having formalized processes and manuals for your business can save you time and money by increasing efficiency. Staff can get more done in less time by following set processes and procedures, in fact you can set benchmark that your staff must meet and you can spend less time overseeing the day-to-day running of the business.

Policies and Manuals can also improve the consistency of product and service delivery by your staff and ensure compliances with applicable regulations and directions provided.

We assist our clients in developing policy manuals for different departments including; Finance Department Manual, Group Accounting Policies, Treasury Policy, Credit Policy, Human Resource Policy, Risk management manual, Internal Audit Manual etc.